Rosa Portugal marble: the facts

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In this episode, we will introduce you to a single Portuguese marble with a pink color: the Rosa Portugal.

The Rosa Portugal is a fantastic pink marble from Portugal, which is extracted around the villages of Estremoz and Borba, located in the Alentejo region. This is the most important marble extraction area in Portugal, where dozens of well-developed marble quarries are located. In this area, marble extraction and production has been the dominant economic activity for decades.

The Rosa Portugal is a pink colored marble, showing a pink color, medium grain structure and fairly uniform background. It may present some pink color tone variation, as well as darker colored veins. This is the main reference pink marble from Portugal and one of the few available in the market.

There are numerous selections of the Rosa Portugal available in the market, from lower to higher grades. The marble is mostly selected based on few criteria such as color, where it may present a light pink color, in contrast with other variations that may present a dark / salmon-like color. The amount and pattern of darker colored veins are also a criteria to consider, where lower grades would present stronger darker veins, while higher grades delicate and light colored veins.

In terms of surface finishes, the Rosa Portugal, like many other colored marble, is mostly used with a polished surface. This is the type of surface finish that most highlights the beauty and colors of this marble, showing a strong shine and vivid colors. Additionally, surface finishes such as honed, brushed or split-face may be found, but not as common as the polished one.

The Rosa Portugal is a reference marble from Portugal, with very limited competition and growing demand worldwide. This is a type of marble that shows true pink colors that are really appreciated on different markets for use on a number of applications, such as interior flooring and wall coverings, where it is mostly used. It is also common to find applications of the Rosa Portugal on bath design, masonry and stonework.

This is a type of marble with a well-establish market in places like India, Middle East, USA and Russia. These are markets with a dynamic demand for colored marble from Italy, Spain for example, which also includes the pink Rosa Portugal. There are also signs of growing demand from new markets in Africa or Latin America, but also North America.

Rosa Portugal is today synonym of quality and a reference pink marble in the market. As extraction goes deeper, new and different varieties of the Rosa Portugal have appeared and now a wide range of selections are available in the market, showing specific types of veins and patterns.

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